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Lead Photographer & Founder

     At the start of summer 2008, my boss thrust a Canon camera in my hands and said, "I hope you know how to use this." Well, I didn't and if you go back through the photo albums at Miracle Mountain Ranch to the summer of 2008, you'll see my inexperience for yourself (my apologies to anyone subjected to my ignorance). Eventually, I bought my own Canon as more and more friends began to ask me to take their photos over the next few years. Then in 2012, I was married and my husband and I moved near Louisville, KY. While there, I started working for a professional photographer and began to learn many facets of the business from Photoshop, to booking clients, to equipment, to printing.

     Eventually, my husband and I moved back to our beloved home state of South Carolina and I continued to grow as a photographer. I developed a passion for making every session magical for my clients and began to understand that a photography session isn't about what shots I can take, but about the memories my clients make. 

     I pride myself on offering top-quality images and assisting my clients with turning those images into works of art by partnering with the best printing labs in the country. To me, a portrait isn’t complete until it’s off the hard drive and on the wall, so it can be enjoyed every single day. 

     Thank you to all my clients, past and present, you've been a huge part of my journey. I thank the Lord for the talent He has blessed me with and give Him all the praise for any successes I may have.

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